September 20, 2019



Thalente Biyela

Skateboarding Togo

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Message Of The Weak


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Taking contemporary pop- and streetculture seriously without commercializing the idea. It‘s about a personal disregard for everything too obvious and mainstream. It‘s about expecting the unexpected in order to fulfil certain expectations. It‘s about overcoming mediocrity. It‘s about challenging the readers by attacking their senses on every level imaginable. It‘s about getting rid of limitations. It‘s about embracing the idea of socialism. It‘s about taking off by transferring the freestyle attitude of music and skateboarding on to paper. It‘s about being able to be independent and still survive. It‘s something for all the lovers. It‘s something for all the haters as well. It´s about vanity and showing off and feeling superior just because we can. It‘s about being influential for a good reason. It‘s about doing this for fourteen years and still not having even started yet. It‘s about setting it straight but being off track. It‘s about the art of movement. It‘s about cheating without ever telling a lie. It‘s about us showing what we‘re interrested in. It‘s about them trying their best to neglect us. And believe it or not... it‘s about you as well.

Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?’ - Hal : 2001, A Space Odyssey

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Clarence Reid - 'Don't Look Too Hard'

The Audictive Bunch

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