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Thalente Biyela

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Posted by jan on November 21, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Thalente Biyela is a homeless kid from South Africa that attracts international attention with his effortless skateboarding style and is invited to travel to the US to skate with the pros. The film explores what it really takes to rise up out of circumstances and make a place for himself in the world.

Over the past year Dig For Fire Films / Natalie Johns has been working on a documentary about the 19-year-old Thalente. Having been homeless since age 9, skateboarding has literally given Thalente everything: a positive outlet and escape from life on the streets, a supportive social circle, and most importantly hope.

"The fire is always got to be burning and I can see that in Thalente. That pureness and that positive energy that's what is going to take him to the next level." Kenny Anderson

LRG are currently partnering with the film company and running a Seed & Spark campaign to generate fund raising to complete the film and back up they're international Teamrider. #IAMTHALENTE

To donate and learn more about Thalente's story, head over to the Seed & Spark campaign.

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